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Safety concept for the Drover Heath near Düren

Project development/conversion of the former Freiherr von Fritsch barracks

Planning and specialist construction supervision Ilmenaugarten Lüneburg

Explosive ordnance, soil management and expert monitoring BV "Fachmarktzentrum Südbahnhof, Hanover

De-silting Vierthaler Pond

Mash pond desilting

Pavement surveys and geotechnical investigations of the district roads in the district of Osnabrück

Orienting investigation - Former petrol stations

Historical exploration of three drilling mud pits in the district of Friesland

Orienting investigation of three former drilling mud pits in the district of Friesland

Groundwater remediation of an LCKW damage in Bonn, Bad-Godesberg

Deconstruction And Site Preparation Luisenglück In Dortmund-Hombruch