Bodo is still excavating - dismantling the Lok neighbourhood

True to the motto "Bodo is still digging", the deconstruction of the Lok-Viertel is in full swing under the management of Mull und Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft. The existing buildings of the former goods and marshalling yard in Osnabrück have adorned the derelict 22-hectare site for several decades.

Since the end of 2023, the excavator shovel has been tirelessly eating its way through the concrete and brickwork of the above-ground building fabric. After ongoing remediation work to remove building pollutants such as asbestos and tar-containing products, which were mainly hidden in the corrugated sheets and roofing felt on the roofs, three of the 13 existing buildings to be demolished have now fallen.
These include the former shisha bar "La Orient" and the nightclub "Kleine Freiheit", which is known beyond the city limits. The old check-in hall and the parallel warehouses to the south are next in line for the excavators with a total area of approx. 25,000 m².

The waste produced in the process is separated by the contractor and then recycled and utilised or disposed of professionally. The solid building substance, i.e. the concrete and masonry of the halls and buildings, is also crushed during processing and analysed for chemical and physical quality. Depending on its quality, the recycled masonry material is then used in the further development of the site, e.g. in planned temporary construction roads and staging areas. Due to its better physical suitability, the resulting recycled concrete rubble material will be reused as a substructure in the path and road areas of the new Lok neighbourhood.

We at Mull und Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft are working closely with the client, Lok-Viertel-OS GmbH, to carry out the planning services and specialist construction management for the demolition, so that excavator shovel after excavator shovel is moving closer to the goal of the new Lok-Viertel quarter in Osnabrück.

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